The Shameless Consumerism of Ron Paul, Inc.

One of the archetypes the Carousel of Carnivores portrays itself as is that of a kindly grandfather. This marketing image could be interpreted as evocative of a trustworthy village elder, or even a Messianic figure. Needless to say, such trickery would make even Edward Bernays feel proud.



As if Ron Paul, Inc. didn’t already scam the Ron Paul Refugees to the tune of millions of dollars already, the image of the real-life Emmanuel Goldstein is being used to push a whole assortment of new Internet “educational” products designed to further pilfer the wallets of true believers. Last month, the Ron Paul channel was launched, and even the controlled press ran TV news reports on it. Fortunately, the 2 minute previews of each episode are available for free viewing, such as this Julian Assange interview, but if you want to watch the whole episode, it’s gonna cost you $10 per month.

Considering the plethora of free Internet television, why in God’s name would you want to fork over even more money beyond your monthly Internet access fee? Do you really want to pay Ron Paul, Inc. $120 per year for nearly the same content you can get for free? Hell, even Netflix is noticeably cheaper (and you get a whole lot more content to boot!).

Oh, but the “fun” doesn’t stop there, for there is also the Ron Paul Curriculum to sell! Marketed towards liberty loving homeschoolers (as if there was such a thing as “statist homeschoolers,” but I digress), the Ron Paul Curriculum promises to teach your homeschooler without textbooks. The K-5 grades are offered for free, although they do leave something to be desired, especially when compared with an actual textbook-free homeschooling curriculum. Grades 6 to senior year of high school requires access to the tutorial forums, which costs $250 per family per year; each course costs $50 per student.

Now, isn’t that rather interesting? Its even admitted on one of their About pages:


“Today, the following courses will be available: English: grades 6, 7, 9, 10; history: grades 6, 7, 10; math: grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; science: grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; public speaking; government


Looking over the fact for a moment that they are huge gaps in their 6 – 12 curriculum, and assuming that my math is correct, if each course was for the academic year, then the courses they currently have for sale would amount to no more than $200 per student; this means that the cost of access to the tutorial forums plus the available courses for the year, would come down to, equal to or no more than (<) $450 for one student per year. Over the span of seven years (6 – 12), considering also that the access to the tutorial forums is a yearly cost in addition to the courses themselves, the cost would come to < $3,150 for one student; for a pair of siblings, it would cost their parents < $4,550; and for a three child family (which is pretty typical for hard-core homeschooling families), the cost would be a whopping < $5,950. Perhaps it would be best to choose your homeschooling curriculums more carefully, instead of flushing your hard earned Monopoly money down the sink for the sake of an incomplete curriculum package that happens to have some dissident figurehead’s name on it.

So, if a parent wanted to have his children be indoctrinated by the Ron Paul Channel while also consuming the Ron Paul Curriculum over the course of seven years, then those parents would be paying < $3,990 (assuming not only that they were only homeschooling one child, but that the Ron Paul Channel actually lasts that long). How can such mindless consumerism push forward the cause for Liberty? Shouldn’t freedom be, well, free?

In light of Ron Paul, Inc. attempting to sue some of his (former?) grassroots supporters over the now infamous copyright scandal, I can’t help but wonder what clientele Ron Paul, Inc. is trying to attract who would be more than happy to turn a blind eye to all this rampant malfesance. Tea Party Refugees? Anarcho-capitalists? Whistleblowers turned Internet diva sell-outs (like Mark Dice)?

Sadly, there will always be suckers, not matter how many warnings are given, or how much substantive proof is offered. Unfortunately, this particular breed of suckers falsely think that they are somehow “enlightened” because they watched one of Alex Jones’ misinformation propaganda pieces (as well as the material spewed forth by whomever he’s promoting this week). The best I can hope for, at this juncture, is to serve as a pragmatic witness simply pointing out the dangers, especially for the sake of those who do stand to lose out badly. Who knows? Perhaps Ron Paul, Inc.‘s next target is The Daily Paul or the Ron Paul Forums, although I sincerely hope his sound defeat resulting from the conclusion of the copyright scandal discourages him from picking on any more of the Ron Paul Refugees.

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