Who Owns You? (Transcript)

The following is taken from a vlog by Josie the Outlaw of the same name. A transcript is provided here fro you all so as to reduce the effects of “Because YouTube Said So…” Any mistakes in transcription is solely that of this humble blogger.



To whom does your life belong? Who owns you? Most people instinctively answer, “I own myself,” but most people don’t actually believe that. What does it mean to own something? It means that you, and you alone, have the right to decide what is done with that thing. What is yours, you can use, you can trade, you can give away, you can destroy.

So, what does it mean to say you own yourself? It means that you, and you alone, have the right to decide what is done with your body and your mind, with your time and your energy. If someone else had the right to decide what is done with your body and your mind, your time and your energy, then he would be your owner, and you would be his slave.

So, are you anyone’s slave? Do you pay taxes? Do you feel obligated to obey whatever the politicians decide to call, “law?” Do you believe that someone else has the right to control you? To rule you? Do you vote?

In every political election, you are asked to decide who you want owning you, but owning yourself is never one of the options offered. The only choice you are given is the choice of which politician will coerce and control you, by way of so-called “regulation” and “legislation,” and confiscate what you produce by way of “taxation.” Whoever wins, you will be extorted and dominated.

When you vote, whether you win or not, you are accepting that someone else has the right to rule you. You are conceding the State’s “authority” over you. You are agreeing that you are going to someone’s slave, with the only question being which political master will own you.

If you believe that you have an obligation to pay taxes, if you concede that it is up to someone else to decide how much of your earnings they will let you keep, then you are their slave. If you own yourself, you don’t need the permission of anyone, any individual, any group, any collective, any country, any legislature, to run your own life, make your own choices, and keep the fruits of your own labor.

As long as the politicians see you voting, petitioning, protesting, and campaigning, vying for different tax cuts, whining for different legislation, as long as they see you timidly obeying whatever commands they issue, while begging them to change their so-called “laws,” then they know that they own you, in mind and body.

Writing or calling your congressman merely tells him that you think he’s still important, that you still view him and his fellow parasites as “authority,” and that you still think that it’s his choice whether to let you be free or not. As long as you play their games and legitimize their system, obeying their so-called “laws,” and paying their so-called “taxes,” acting as if they are your rightful lords and masters, the tyrants know they have nothing to fear. The slavemaster doesn’t mind letting his slaves pitifully begging for mercy, as long as they keep obeying and keep producing wealth for the master to steal.

Those in power aren’t worried about elections or petitions, but what they do fear is that their victims will realize the truth, will stop believing in the Divine Right of Politicians, will stop calling liars “lawmakers,” will stop calling the tyrants and mercenaries, “law enforcers,” will stop believing that anyone has the right to rule them, will stop imagining authority where there is none, will realize that they own themselves, and will stop bowing to the parasitical, anti-human beast called, “government.”

If you own your time and effort, and the fruits of your labor, then stop asking nicely to be allowed to keep it. If you own yourself, then stop asking nicely for legislative permission to run your own life. If you actually believe in unalienable rights and individual liberty and freedom, then stop asking nicely for the sociopathic parasites to let you be free.

For humanity to be free, people need to stop thinking, talking, and acting like slaves. Stop bowing to megalomaniacs, stop paying tribute to sociopaths, stop obeying political parasites. If you truly understand that you own yourself, then start acting like it.

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  1. Thank you!! This helps me to subtitle the video in Spanish!

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