George Hemminger’s Confession

The following is the transcript of a vlog by George Hemminger. The only surviving copy I’ve found was a mirror entitled “G4T was an Act,” and as such, I do not have the date of the original upload, although I can tell you it happened sometime late last year, most likely around November & December. Corrections have been made to reduce speech disfluency so as to make it easier to read. Any mistakes are solely that of this humble blogger.


George Hemminger


“Hey guys, what’s up? This is George (the Road to, and I’m just out here in front of Starbucks, getting ready to go to work. Once again, I was thinking about last night, about the YouTube channel, and where we’re headed, and once again, I guess I just have to keep repeating myself. G4T was kind of a character that, in some ways, got a little bit out of hand. I’ll go over it on a webinar; we’re gonna be talking with Ernie for like an hour Thursday, 6 o’clock Pacific. It’s just something that got away from me.

“I’ve always been interested in the libertarian community, and [that] kind of led me to the prepping community, and that led me to Alex Jones and the conspiracy community. I’m not saying that I don’t believe any of it anymore, or that prepping is totally a waste of time, it’s kinda hard to say, but, I kinda got caught up in a downward spiral of make pretend and fantasy. So, even if you talk to Fairvel (sp?), he’s a guy who went through the collapse in Argentina, he’ll tell ya, 90% of this is just mental. All of this extra crap that people are doing is all just BS. I don’t know if the prepping channels are fake or these people are really spending tens, twenty thousands of dollars on this prepping stuff, or if Viking Preparedness has really moved off the grid and he’s out there in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know, I’ve just met a lot of these guys, and what they portray on YouTube is like totally different from what they are like in real life; God bless ’em.

“G4T was kind of a vehicle that I used to relate to a lot of you guys, and in some sense, it was wrong, it was wrong of me, but it did generate a lot of views, and they weren’t that hard to generate; actually, it was pretty fun doing it. It’s kinda like playing Dungeons & Dragons; roleplaying, that’s basically what it was, and I actually made the effort to go out and meet with people like Badfinger and Anthony 777, just a crazy cast of characters, but it can lead you to a pretty dark place, and for awhile it was kinda fun, sometimes wallowing in these dark conspiracies and stuff, but I think a lot of you guys have talked to me through the comments section, that some of you guys got so depressed with some of this stuff that some people were contemplating suicide.

“In that sensibility, it’s just not healthy, and I think that when we wake up in the morning, and the only thing we’re looking at is ‘What are the conspiracies out there for today?’ and ‘How bad is the government screwing us?’ and ‘When are they going to knock down our doors?’…when you have that attitude, every day, I think what happens is that you start destroying yourself, so in some ways, even though I lost the AdSense revenue, I’m taking a hit, $1,000; $1,500 a month, in some ways, I’m kinda relieved. I kinda feel sorry for people that are wallowing in this negativity. I feel sorry for the people that feel that they need to go attack everyone too, I don’t even know if there’s going to be a channel that will get a lot of views of just a guy talking about common sense, and just trying to live in America, and live a free lifestyle, trying to raise a family, I don’t even know if there’s going to be an audience for that.

“But anyways, I’ll go in deep into detail in it with Ernie, Thursday at 6 o’clock Pacific. I’ll provide the link here on this channel, and it’ll be like an open chat, forum discussion, and basically for about an hour, two hours, I’ll just go into gory detail of how I was involved, how I got sucked into this whole conspiracy, doom and gloom movement, and where I think it really is, and how a lot of it is now, it’s a whole industry, so it’s kinda got legs of its own. There’s no way you’re going to stop it, whether it’s real or not.

“Just realize, there’s a lot of people who have gone through collapses scenarios. We had a house in the Philippines (I used to go back and forth there many times though the ’90s); people have gone through major collapse in the Third World, and they have not had anywhere near the preps that people have in America today. You’re gonna find ways to survive. You don’t need to spend $200,000 on prepping supplies and be off the grid. We’re going to be fine; in fact, we’re way positioned better than most of the countries out there, if we do have some sort of financial discombobulation, which I don’t really think is going to happen.

“I mean, right now, the stock market is probably overvalued quite a bit, real estate in certain parts of Los Angeles is overvalued, but in general, it looks like things are stabilizing, guys. From right here on the ground, restaurants are packed on Fridays and Saturdays, people are shopping, I’m sure the numbers are kinda shaky, but people are hiring again, I mean, that’s just the reality of it. If you don’t want to look at reality, if you want to continue playing fantasy roleplaying thing, I totally understand, I did it for like three years, four years, it’s fun. It kinda gives you meaning to life, and excitement in life; I mean how exciting is it going to work and grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning? That’s not exciting. It’s just life.

“Anyways, I hope you guys are doing good, sorry for the long video in the morning. Once again, just to reiterate, G4T was just like this elaborate roleplaying fantasy thing, I got on Russia TV, InfoWars, and major news outlets, and I believed some of it, okay? I am a libertarian at heart, and I do believe in the Constitution, and I do believe in freedom, but as far as like, probably 70% of it, it’s just a mental black hole of death that you don’t want to be sucked into. Anyways, guys, God Bless, hope you’re having a great day, sun’s coming out here in sunny California, it got down in the 40s, which I’m not used to, so I’m hopin’ it’ll get up in the 70s today. Love the weather here, that’s one thing I’m just totally ecstatic about. God bless guys, peace out, and take care.”

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2 Responses to George Hemminger’s Confession

  1. freedom fighter says:

    Wow! I followed him briefly in 2009 and during that time he camefoff as an attention seeking drama queen. Especially in the video where he supposedly lost his job, he and his wife we’re divorcing and he was about to lose his house. Then a few years later I check up on him out of curiosity only to discover he never lost his job, he and his wife never slit and he is still living in what appears to be the same house. Now I know why.

    • sleepysalsa says:

      I thought his confession was so startling that it deserved a transcript, because he was admitting to the existence of the Carousel itself, which I have written about several times before at length. Whether you subscribe to John Martinson’s metaphor of the Carnival of Distractions, Charlie Veitch’s rebuke of conspiracism, or Claire Wolfe’s character of Reactive Ralphie, the overarching idea here is that the misinformation and even disinformation permeating the alternative media has reached such epic proportions that even one of their operatives is admitting to it.

      I also found another mirrored video of Hemminger’s where he has some very choice statements about YouTube itself, which also plays into the whole method of filming cops that Gary & I discussed on the False Hopes podcast episode of “Behind Enemy Lines.” I’m almost done transcribing it (I want to be absolutely sure there are no mistakes on my part, just as I did with this one), but needless to say, Hemminger seems to confirm and then expound upon Because YouTube Said So…

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