George Hemminger’s Other Confession

The following is the transcript of another vlog by George Hemminger. The only surviving copy I’ve found was a mirror entitled “G4T is NOT REAL,” and as such, I do not have the date of the original upload, although I can tell you it happened sometime late last year, most likely around November & December. Corrections have been made to reduce speech disfluency so as to make it easier to read. Any mistakes are solely that of this humble blogger.


George Hemminger Looks Guilty


“Hey guys, what’s up? This is George, formerly G4T, George4Title, and I’m just gonna do a really quick video. Just got off the phone with Don Harold, maybe I’ll put a link to that.

“I’ve been developing a lot of haters & trolls on this channel, and I want to change that. I’m gonna have to change the format, and I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this. A large part of what George4Title, who is really a character, it’s become a character over the years…there was one point in time George4Title and I were the same, and I believed exactly what G4T would believe, but G4T has gone off the rails. There’s about maybe 50% of what he spouts that I believe. It’s a character for YouTube, it’s a character for videos, for video views, it’s to earn an income, it’s entertainment. Personally, I’m jaded; I think 90 – 99% of what you’re watching on YouTube and the mainstream media is entertainment, it’s all entertainment. There’s so many levels of truth.

“I’m not trying to gain anything here, guys, I’m just trying to be upfront with you before this Don Harold video comes out. If you guys took everything I said serious[ly], and you thought it was your goal in life to take my AdSense revenue, destroy my life, [and] harass me, you’re a little misguided, that’s all. G4T was a character that was out having fun, living the doom and gloom lifestyle. Do I believe in prepping? Sure, for a disaster type event. Do I think total armageddon is gonna come next week? I highly doubt it. Is there a 1% chance we can have total armageddon? Maybe, 0.01%, maybe. Are you a total loser if you are a patriot, Truther, [or] prepper? No, but for me, I got a lot of other things I’d like to do besides focus on what the latest conspiracy is, or who’s screwing me over, or what’s the Federal Reserve doing, what’s Obama doing…I’ve got a lot of other things – I take my kids to the park, I like going to the beach, I like going to the desert, I like camping.

“More and more, as we’ve gone forward, our belief systems have parted, G4T’s & I, but George4Title gets the view counts. So, I’m sorry if I’ve misled some people, and if you actually believed that the Wal-Marts are becoming FEMA camps, and that they are building an East Berlin wall in Los Angeles, I apologize if you actually believed some of this stuff, and it’s hurt you in some way. I was hoping that a majority of you kinda got it and knew exactly what I was doing, but apparently not. Apparently, some people are really, really hardcore ‘We gotta eliminate G4T.’ Congratulations, you guys have been successful, they’ve taken AdSense away from me. I don’t know if I’m gonna continue to do videos anymore on this channel. I’m just gonna figure things out. I’m gonna take a break, probably, during the Christmas holidays, and just figure out what to do.

“Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know. There you go. Is G4T a character, is he an actor? Everybody is an actor if they’re on YouTube, trust me, just like everybody is an actor when they are on TV. There ain’t nobody, or a very, very small percentage of people being totally, totally real, and if you’ve convinced yourself that it is real, then you’re the fool. Trust me, you are the total fool, but hopefully for some of you guys, it’s been entertaining, it’s been fun, I’m gonna leave up some of the videos, but just take them as entertainment value.

“Does this negate the Truther movement? Does this negate the conspiracy movement? No, they’re are a shit ton of conspiracies, and stuff out there, but does it do you any good focusing on them 24/7 and getting pissed all the time, and your life turns to shit because you’re always upset about everything? No, that’s just being a loser, trust me, I’ve been there. It’s not gonna do you any good to be just like that all the time, all the time, all the time. Know the truth, figure it out – I mean, I know crap before it hits the papers, I can figure this out, once you know that it’s all corrupt, military-industrial complex, mainstream media, New World Order, whatever. Once you figure all that out, you do your part to fight it, but like, getting visibly upset about it every day ain’t gonna do anything. There’s so much we’re not taking into effect with regards to the economy, besides just the dollar and the Federal Reserve, and whatever, corruption.

“There’s so much that’s happening, there’s millions and millions of variables that we cannot predict and we cannot figure out. I have a hard enough time just figuring out my own life, I gotta figure out how to replace my AdSense income because a bunch of diehard people felt it was their goal in life to just click bomb my videos, false flag my videos, and just take it down. So, there you go, you did it, it’s the end of G4T, probably. I don’t know what type of videos I’m gonna be doing, probably health videos, or California videos, travel videos, something like that. It was a great run, guys, I hope you guys had fun, those of you that got it, I’m glad, those of you that didn’t, I’m very, very sorry, but at least it had some entertainment value for some of you guys. I’m guessing maybe some 50 – 60% of you guys got it; I’m guessing the trolls & the haters didn’t get it, and maybe 20 – 30% of you just though everything was true? Seriously?

“Anyways, God bless, and just realize everything you watch on YouTube ain’t real, it’s not real, people talk like it’s real, it’s not real. Whenever you got a camera in your face, whenever you’ve got someone filming something, that changes the reality, it changes the truth. Anyways, God bless, peace out, hope you are doing well, that’s it. G4T hope to see you soon.”

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2 Responses to George Hemminger’s Other Confession

  1. freedom fighter says:

    Even though I never followed him on YouTube, I cannot help but become – ah, what word should I use? Aggitated? Disturbed? Or even pissed off? I suppose either would do. Now, why would I bother feeling such a way? Because this asshole mislead people and gave the prepping community a tarnished image. As for those who drown themselves in doom ‘n’ gloom, I believe he did the rest of us a favor by mocking those individuals. Perhaps said individuals have awoken to reality and discovered that the United States’ economy will still be in tact tomorrow and the following day, the following week, month, year…. Or Russia hasn’t launched nuclear missiles our direction. Yet.

    The point is, this guy drew suckers into his act. I just hope they’ve learned to be more cautious.

    • sleepysalsa says:

      I agree with you that caution is now required, because of all the deception coming from vloggers who want to earn Federal Reserve Notes through Google AdSense. I think AdSense provides a very high incentive for them to produce sensationalistic garbage, because they are paid based on view count, and not the accuracy of their content.

      I have now written what I think are the “lessons learned” from Hemminger’s malfesance, which is Some Thoughts on George Hemminger’s Confessions. If anything, I think this begins the serious process of evaluating every single “patriot” documentary that has ever been made (such as those listed on Jon Schaeffer’s website), and judging whether or not they are manipulative in much of the same way Hemminger’s videos have been.

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