Some Thoughts on George Hemminger’s Confessions

If you haven’t yet readGeorge Hemminger’s ConfessionandGeorge Hemminger’s Other Confession,” please do so before continuing. This article is, more or less, the concluding installment to my trilogy about George4Title.


George Hemminger "Wakes Up"


What I’ve always despised about the mainstream media is the fact that they deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate on a nearly daily basis. They have no appreciation for the truth, no desire to see the larger picture, and certainly have no skill in acquiring documents or interviews on their own, since they always need it spoon fed to them. Follow-up on a story is only done if it fulfills some pre-ordained agenda, and even then, only if each installment is easy to produce and is sensationalistic.

Every time I look at George Hemminger’s face, I feel nauseous. He is the epitome of the sell-out. Originally billing himself as an alternative media vlogger, he pontificated for over three years that there was going to be an imminent financial collapse, yet 2009, 2010, and 2011 came and went. Of course, you can’t simply verify that fact by checking his uploads because Hemminger is known for quickly deleting his videos, especially when they are negatively received by his audience.

I would rather have just avoided mentioning anything about Hemminger at all, since he is a relatively obscure vlogger, but his confessions were just too good to pass up. Not only does he seem to confirm Because YouTube Said So…, he also expounds upon it by mentioning how human behavior is greatly altered whenever someone knows they are being filmed. The ramifications of this have been known to several of us for quite some time, and it was only until recently when Gary Hunt and I decided to go public about that in the “Behind Enemy Lines” podcast episode False Hopes, much to the dismay of copblockers everywhere.

Besides that admission, Hemminger confessed that everything he did on camera was roleplaying. What is startling about this is that it absolutely confirms what Charlie Veitch said with regards to conspiracists; hell, both Hemminger & Veitch use Dungeons & Dragons as an example of what they both mean by roleplaying. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing immoral with making your own entertainment, as many YouTube users upload nothing but videos of themselves doing just that. The problem here though, on Hemminger’s part, is false advertising.

Now, some may say that there is no problem here, because Hemminger’s roleplaying is evidence that he is a culture jammer. Yet, just as illusionists have ethics, you would assume that vloggers & videographers would follow their lead, but alas, such is not always the case. Granted, series like Epic Meal Time, The Onion, and Lindsey Sterling’s music videos are fantastic for what they are, but they are not intended to tell you the truth about anything, especially The Onion. But that’s okay, because they never marketed themselves that way, so you, as the audience, knew what you were getting when they are culture jamming. Not so with Hemminger; what he essentially did was badly copy The Onion but then claimed that what he was reporting on was all really happening during filming. That is where the injury lies.

Despite this, Hemminger would rather prey on his victims’ gullibility rather than take full responsibility for his habitual deceit. Although he did say, “You’re a fool if you believe it’s real,” the context within which he said that is one of blaming the victim for being harmed. Psyop tactics like this are regularly used by con artists, such as those who falsely advertise for activist legal defense funds. Granted, back during my vlogging days, I would symbolically use theatrical set pieces occasionally whenever I talked about anything, but I never role-played, despite the variety of costuming I used (although I did parody other vloggers in specifically dedicated videos). Like Montagraph, I always made it clear whenever I was acting, versus whenever I was being myself.

Oddly enough, Hemminger claimed that his dishonest antics of pretending he was homeless on the street gave him excitement to his otherwise boring life. Might this be the pernicious result of conspicuous consumption? If so, then that would explain quite a lot.

Hemminger’s rebuke of conspiracism & credit card only prepping was quite intriguing, even though his attitude is still that of a bored consumer. Realizing that he would have no audience without sensationalism is why I think he simply fabricated stories about Wal-Marts being converted to so-called “FEMA camps,” or that an East Berlin styled wall was being built in Los Angeles. Apparently, he was able to accrue video views quickly whenever he cried wolf.

Speaking of video views, part of me suspects that the only reason he decided to go public about his fraudulent activity is because a cadre of his detractors chose to click bomb and red flag his videos repeatedly, which led to him losing any income he would have earned by way of AdSense. That’s right…good ol’ boy George here really only cared about those Federal Reserve Notes, and I got that impression from him because of how repeatedly and exasperatingly he laments losing that AdSense revenue. As he himself said, it’s a cottage industry, and he’s a part of it, so don’t be surprised when it’s “your turn” to get scammed.

What pisses me off to no end, though, above and beyond his systematic deceit, was his claim that:


“I am a libertarian at heart, and I do believe in the Constitution, and I do believe in freedom…”


How the hell is that even possible? Not only did he never even mention the United States Constitution (or more importantly, the Bill of Rights), but I sincerely believe that like congresscritter Frank LoBiondo, Hemminger does not know the Constitution. He also cannot be a libertarian because he repeatedly and willfully violates the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). The initiation of force or fraud is a violation of the NAP, which Hemminger continually does with total impunity. I also don’t see how he can believe in “freedom,” because he has a tough time appreciating the property rights of those he scams.

All of this reminds me of both Vortex and Dumbing Us Down. With regard to the former, Hemminger seems to “create division wherever possible,” “discredit those who might bring attention to government tactics,” and using trolls on the Internet. Regarding the latter, I think this description John Gatto gives of the Millennials adequately describes Hemminger:


“The children I teach are indifferent to the adult world…[they] have almost no curiosity, and what little they do have is transitory…[they] have a poor sense of the future, of how tomorrow is inextricably linked to today…[they] are ahistorical; they have no sense of how the past has predestinated their own present, limiting their choices, shaping their values and lives…[they] are cruel to each other; they lack compassion for misfortune; they laugh at weakness; they have contempt for people whose need for help shows too plainly…[they] are uneasy with intimacy or candor…[they] are materialistic, following the lead of schoolteachers who materialistically ‘grade everything’ and television mentors who offer everything in the world for sale…[and they] are dependent, passive, and timid in the presence of new challenges.”


If my contention is right, then it would explain a whole lot why Hemminger is the way he is.

Most importantly, I think, are his very revealing statements regarding YouTube itself. Consider what he said in his other confession regarding the persona of George4Title:


“It’s a character for YouTube, it’s a character for videos, for video views, it’s to earn an income, it’s entertainment. Personally, I’m jaded; I think 90 – 99% of what you’re watching on YouTube and the mainstream media is entertainment, it’s all entertainment. There’s so many levels of truth.”

Everybody is an actor if they’re on YouTube, trust me, just like everybody is an actor when they are on TV. There ain’t nobody, or a very, very small percentage of people being totally, totally real, and if you’ve convinced yourself that it is real, then you’re the fool. Trust me, you are the total fool, but hopefully for some of you guys, it’s been entertaining, it’s been fun, I’m gonna leave up some of the videos, but just take them as entertainment value.”

“I’m guessing maybe some 50 – 60% of you guys got it; I’m guessing the trolls & the haters didn’t get it, and maybe 20 – 30% of you just though everything was true? Seriously?….just realize everything you watch on YouTube ain’t real, it’s not real, people talk like it’s real, it’s not real. Whenever you got a camera in your face, whenever you’ve got someone filming something, that changes the reality, it changes the truth.”


There are several items I’d like to point out, namely, that G4T was a roleplaying alias Hemminger used to earn income from AdSense. He was making entertainment but portraying it as if it were real, with no way for the audience to tell the difference. Then notice he justifies his behavior by claiming that his audience should have just “got it,” and if they didn’t, then too bad for them, right? And again, when he mentions about people changing their behavior whenever there is a camera seems to validate the several arguments I made in False Hopes.

So, what is the fall-out from this all of this controversy? Well, I would say that:


  • First and foremost, Hemminger’s confessions are proof positive of the existence of the Carousel of Carnivores itself, and by none other than one of its own operatives.
  • Secondly, the implications behind his validation of both False Hopes & Because YouTube Said So really bring into serious question the credibility of the many and sundry documentaries made by the patriot community, especially those regarding so-called “secret societies” (I say that because many of these documentaries are inherently Orwellian, in that, they are designed to discredit, demoralize, and discourage “our” side with misinformation and even disinformation).
  • Third, perhaps Robert Shea & Robert Wilson were correct in their comedic portrayal of conspiracists as being literally insane in their fictional The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which was published back in the 1970s & ’80s.
  • Fourth, Hemminger is still scamming people (much like Ed Snook or Luke Rudkowski) by setting up multiple other YouTube channels and acquiring AdSense capability on those channels in an attempt to reestablish his cash flow (such as with George4Title2, George4Title4, George4Title7, George4Truth, G4TUS, & even a SecretG4T). The best thing you can do to avoid being suckered is simply to not watch any of his videos on his channels, since he is likely to be paid Federal Reserve Notes by Google for them.
  • Fifth, vlogging has gradually become less credible than blogging or even podcasting, not only because of Hemminger specifically, by also because that, as a communications medium, it’s much more manipulative due to the visual stimuli alone, especially facial expressions. As such, audio only versions of vlogs, I suggest, are preferable to the vlogs themselves. Even better are written transcripts, so the content can be reviewed and analyzed easily. If this can be done more commonly, then other scheming vloggers like Hemminger would be less likely to successfully peddle disinformation.
  • Finally, I would say, the whole Hemminger fraud reinforces to me my belief that listening is preferable to watching, and that reading is preferable to listening, which again, validates the thesis of Because YouTube Said So.


The alternative media needs to get its fucking act together, or else we become nothing more than a user-generated version of our greatest competitors, namely, the mainstream media cartel. There is more than enough material occurring on a daily basis to run genuine stories for the news cycle, so there is no need to make shit up out of thin air. If any of you are interested but have no idea what to work on, then free free to contact me and I’ll give you leads on whatever stories I’m following, as I am able. Lord knows I could use the help.

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4 Responses to Some Thoughts on George Hemminger’s Confessions

  1. Anti Federalist says:

    So sad… yikes… but if you really want to see the knife sunk into the jugular of Georges whole charade take a quick peek at this:

    • sleepysalsa says:

      Granted, while some of the items listed on ED coincide with some tidbits I already knew about but I refrained from blogging about due to the fact I didn’t want to write a biography of Hemminger, you also have to consider that ED itself is a parody website. As it says on its About page: “Encyclopædia Dramatica’s purpose is to provide a central catalog for the e-public to view parody and satire of drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the internets. The goal is to provide comprehensive, reference-style parody, to poke fun at everyone and everything on the internet, as well as an archive for online communities to document and reference deviant users.”

      Of course, good humour does rely on somewhat accurate information for it to be believable, but that’s only for the purpose of getting the audience “hooked” so they can suspend enough disbelief in order to “get the joke.” All of that is well and good, as culture jammers and illusionists do the same; the problem, I think, is when the audience go further by believing EVERYTHING the performers are doing and saying (such as the serious fan followers of comedians like Bill Hicks & George Carlin, for example).

      Personally, I am beginning to think that that some consumers of new media are having a tough time telling the difference between what’s real and what’s fictional, and these manipulative vloggers such as Hemminger are exacerbating their gullibility. It also begs the question as to how “real” all those 9/11 “Truth” documentaries are, whether they are mentioning about non-existent planes, planes going missing, or Israeli nationals jumping for joy when the Twin Towers were hit. I don’t know exactly what to make of “patriot” documentaries anymore, other than as time goes by, I am beginning to sound more and more like James Randi, or so I have been told.

      Might it be the case that most of the alternative media is controlled opposition?

  2. Cold Iron says:

    “Might it be the case that most of the alternative media is controlled opposition?”


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