Campion v. Towns, No. CV-04-1516 PHX ROS (2005)

This United States district court case was used by New Hampshire District 17 Representative Timothy Smith for why HB638, which would have been the New Hampshire legislature’s official recognition of the ratification of the “Missing 13th” Titles of Nobility Amendment to the United States Constitution, should be defeated.


Campion v. Towns cover


“On July 26, 2004, Plaintiff Christopher Peter Campion filed a Complaint regarding ‘God-given unalienable rights in the original estate – Article III; Constitution.’ In rambling prose with few factual allegations, Plaintiff complains about a seizure of property, possibly a boat, to satisfy tax liability as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). However, it is unclear whether a seizure has taken place. Plaintiff considers the United States a foreign government, but does not allege foreign citizenship or any other basis for this allegation. Because of the alleged status of the government, Plaintiff claims any action to seize his property must originate in a district court. Plaintiff seeks to have this Court enjoin the IRS from ‘any future presentments and theft or kidnap actions.”


[Download PDF]

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