Libertarian Position Essays

Today I’d like to present, for your delectation, a list of results from The Freeman’s Arena, where a pair of libertarians will argue each side of a political issue that libertarians have been known to disagree with each other about. Below is the list of “winners” voted by The Freeman’s readership, as well as the percentage from least to greatest.

Gay Marriage Does Not Expand Liberty (51%)

Personal character is more powerful in shaping society than the legal-political environment (55%)

The U.S. Should Open Its Immigration (59%)

We Should Abandon the Term “Capitalism” (60%)

Higher Education Will Fundamentally Remain the Same (60%)

14th Amendment Does Not Make America Freer (61%)

Natural Rights Come From Human Nature (67%)

Patents are a Government Creation (72%)

I’m Hopeful About the Prospects for Bitcoin (70%)

Austrian School approach to economics (73%)

Libertarians should stay more focused on individual rights (80%)

Natural Rights Ground the Science of Justice (89%)

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