Statist “Logic”

Today’s meme, created by Lawless Press, illustates exactly why I unregistered from the voter rolls and don’t vote anymore.  



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1 Response to Statist “Logic”

  1. vindik8or says:

    “The Bridges Of Old Mexico”

    We left, out of Dallas, with critical choke points to find.
    We were sick of illegals and had a solution in mind.
    They come for siestas, new victims, welfare
    And it’s damn sure out of control,
    So this year there’s gonna be fireworks… on the bridges of old Mexico.

    Our first night in Chihuahua, command says it’s time to commence.
    Transport, communications, explosives and intelligence.
    So we kept on movin’; it’s too late to turn back…
    The invasion refuses to slow.
    Yea, it’s gonna get Western for Paco…on the bridges of old Mexico.

    We split into four teams outside a small town I can’t say,
    We moved incognito right out in the middle of day.
    Down through Durango, Guadalahara, Morelia
    Then into the canyons we go
    Where we laid up to do our last recon… of the bridges of old Mexico.

    After final instructions, we hit our objectives at night.
    We set our shaped charges undetected in pale moonlight.
    We heard the train comin’
    Then we let explosives blow,
    And soon it was rainin’ gang members… from the bridges of old Mexico!

    The next day the Mexican government cried out “No mas!”
    The trains of illegals were no longer permitted to cross
    ‘Cause they’ll need the workers,
    Lest their economy slow;
    There’ll be mucho construcción mañana… on the bridges of old Mexico.

    It was a problem that needed a handful of Yanks to resolve
    There isn’t a crisis large amounts of explosives won’t solve.
    Lots of jobs were created
    And we stoped the illegal flow
    By arranging the massive rebuilding… of the bridges of old Mexico!

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