Partial Transcript of the Judge Monforton “Confrontation”

The following is a partial transcript of a series of questions I was able to ask Judge Matthew Monforton on August 5th of 2014. This “confrontation” is available as a free downloadable podcast, courtesy of The Montana Republic (the clarifying statements of the host, William Wolf, have been omitted from this transcript for the sake of brevity).


Judge Matthew Monforton


“The answer to that is yes, I do believe that some vices are crimes…[d]rug courts have a pretty good track record of being able to rehabilitate folks and get them off dangerous drugs, but the way those drug courts function, really the only way they can function, is if there is a criminal hammer that can drop down on people if they don’t do what they need to do to get their lives straightened out.”

[Download PDF]

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