Quote of the Week – Convenient Boogeymen


“By setting up fictitious monsters and pretending their influence is everywhere and in all things, the paranoid person creates an environment where he or she always has something to fight against. By making the interpretation of the threat completely subjective, he or she can make an enemy of anyone, or anything, for any reason, at any time. Since the problem does not actually exist, the problem can never be solved. If one can monetize the fear they create, it can bring in an endless stream of not only entertainment and social excitement, but revenue as well…[a]s recently as any given Sunday morning at any church, to any ancient historical record of deity worship, one might directly profit from these superstitions, or simply benefit from the communities that build around them…[w]hether the doctrine at issue is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, feminism, communism, statism, or any other hysterical superstition, there are certain constants. Holy men preaching to flocks of sheep about deities and devils, causing all manner of mayhem in the society, while blaming the impurity of their followers for the troubles the holy men caused.”

– Christopher Cantwell

Convenient Boogeymen

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