Statist Fallacies

I decided it was high time to point out the logical fallacies inherent to statism, so I copied the format TheMessianicManic did for his vlog entitled, Top Ten Most Irritating (Informal) Logical Fallacies.” Each item for today’s list gives the term of the fallacy (in either Latin, English, or both) as well as how it would be used during the course of a political argument (today’s picture is made available courtesy of



  1. Argumentum ad baculum

Appeal to force

“If you disobey the law, you must be punished.”


  1. Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Assumption that prior event caused later event

“My vote for Congressman Douchebag caused his vote for that legislative bill.”


  1. False dichotomy

Presentation of only two choices, when in fact at least three are available.

“You must vote either Republican or Democrat in order to win elections.”


  1. No true Scotsman

Variation on moving the goalposts

John Doe: “The Founding Fathers were not in favor of strong centralized government.”

Jane Doe: “Alexander Hamilton advocated for a strong centralized federal government, and he is considered to be a Founding Father.”

John Doe: “Well then, Hamilton was not a real Founding Father.”


  1. Begging the Question

Variation of circular reasoning

The code is applicable because the code is applicable because the code is applicable…


  1. Argumentum ad ignorantiam

Argument from ignorance

“We don’t know how a stateless society would function; therefore, we must have a government.”


  1. Argumentum ad populum

Argument from popularity

“Billions of people believe in the existence of the State; therefore, government exists.”


  1. Argumentum ad verecundiam

Argument from authority

“We need government statutory law because the licensed bar attorneys said so.”


  1. Argumentum ad hominem

Argument against the man

“Murray Rothbard’s opposition to the minimum wage is nonsensical because he was an anarchist.”


And the single most irritating of statist fallacies goes to…


  1. Strawman argument

Phony representation of an opponent’s argument

“Libertarians don’t want taxes to fund public utilities; therefore, libertarians don’t want firefighters, post offices, hospitals, police, electricity, plumbing, and ROADS!”





  1. Non sequitur

It does not follow

“Constitutionalists resent paying their fair share in taxes; therefore, if these patriots don’t want to pay the federal income tax, they should move to Somalia.”

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