The Left-Right Paradigm Clarified

In light of some private conversations I’ve had recently, I think it just might be necessary to further clarify some details about the false left-right controlled paradigm. Listed below are the definitions of, as well as the typical issue positions taken by, both conservatives and progressives. Further exposition on the inherent differences between conservatives, progressives, and libertarians can be found in Gustave de Molinari’s Sourées on the Rue Saint-Lazare: Conversations on Economic Laws & Defense of Property.




Conservatism is a political ideology that prefers to retain the status quo by promoting social traditions, organized religion, and the Protestant work ethic. Their flavor of statism gradually becomes totalitarian fascism, because the conservative insistence on authority, hierarchy, and discipline is manipulated by the rulers to expand the power of the State through corporatism, military build-up, and the criminalization of vices. Conservative issue positions usually tend to be:




Progressivism is a political ideology that prefers to mutate the body politic by promoting social justice, secular humanism, and the entitlement mentality. Their flavor of statism gradually becomes authoritarian communism, because the progressive insistence on political correctness, social engineering, and forced equality is manipulated by the rulers to expand the power of the State through labor unionism, welfare handouts, and family courts. Progressive issue positions usually tend to be:


  • For central banking
  • For dragnet wiretapping
  • For civil forfeiture
  • For licensed marriage
  • For criminalization of vices
  • For business regulations
  • For political correctness
  • For intellectual property
  • For licensure to practice law
  • Against the right to travel
  • For cannabis taxation
  • For illegal immigration
  • For drone strikes
  • For income taxation
  • For scientism
  • For the medical insurance penalty tax
  • For minimum wage
  • For truancy laws
  • For welfare spending
  • Against police brutality
  • For gun control
  • For democide
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4 Responses to The Left-Right Paradigm Clarified

  1. matthew says:

    Progressives: For criminalization of vices and cannabis taxation. Against police brutality and are for democide.

    • Kyle Rearden says:

      Yup, that’s what I wrote. For example, statist feminists agree with statist Christians on pornography; one believes it is a mortal sin while the other believes it “exploits” women, therefore, they both want pornography to be “regulated” or banned.

  2. Truth Demands Change says:

    I have been preacing this for years now about the duality of everything. Sports, brand names, smart phones, operating systems, who has better than the other. Everything is about division in this country and it certainly is not by accident. People in this country will fight over the silliest things! “My iphone rocks, your android phone sucks” kind of mentality. People now a days cannot think critically or connect dots. One major reason I discovered? People hate truth. People hate truth because it means they might have to change their lifestyle, thinking patterns and habits, doesn’t fit their pet narratives and they would have to take responsibility. They would have to admit they’re wrong, tear down their mnds and rebuild from the ground up. But that’s far too much work, especially living in distraction. A big screen television and cable mean far more to the average person than personal virtue, truth, justice and honor.

    Your article is SPOT ON!

    • Kyle Rearden says:

      Thank you, I appreciate your support.

      You shouldn’t so quick to dismiss the value of duality. I suspect what you meant to say was that false dichotomies usually balkanize people. Duality is just a simplified reciprocity – day & night, male & female, yin & yang, non-aggression & self-ownership. The fact of the matter is that it is not complimentary opposites that are the problem, it is this artificial narrative being ubiquitously taught on the sanctity of absolute power. Many people do not want to give that up, not quite so much because it threatens their sense of identity (or are otherwise too lazy to change for the better), but more because they relish exercising raw power over their fellow man way too much.

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