The Case Against Compulsory Voting

Believe it or not, there are some unusually disgusting statists who want to change the election laws to the point where citizens would literally be forced to participate in the high holy sacrament of the State, that is, electoral voting. For those of you who might wonder why this concerns me, then please read my trilogy on government voting; also, just think about the implications of canceling your voter registration.

“So, can democracy be enforced? As one can see, it can. But should it be? I do not think so. Compulsory voting is often presented as a perfect solution in the battle against declining turnout and voter engagement. However, as this thesis has demonstrated, this is not the case. It is a superficial remedy which, by making the numbers ‘right’, does not actually provide a cure. Its introduction would undeniably increase the number of voters who show up on Election Day, but the overall betterment of democracy is doubtful.”

[Download PDF]

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