Quote of the Week – Your Mind is Your Weapon

“Your mind is your weapon; everything else is just an accessory.”


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4 Responses to Quote of the Week – Your Mind is Your Weapon

  1. Truth Demands Change says:

    I have always said the mind is the most dangerous place in the universe. Why? Philosophically speaking it is a reality creator. Manipulate, con and decieve enough people herding their minds into “Group think”, we have a recipe for disaster, which we are seeing unfold to this day.

    I don’t see many comments on your blog. Just goes to show where people’s minds are at. Sure, there’s a lot of ” Truthers” out there, which I question their motives. But hardcore truth, like what I have read thus far on your blog is mostly ignored, compared to a simpleton’s blog… lol

    • Kyle Rearden says:

      Thank you again. You are very kind.

      Keep in mind that the Truth “movement” is not about the truth. Truthers, by and large, are more interested in proselytizing about what they think might have occurred on 9/11 than they are about remedying the harm that occurred. Generally speaking, there were two goals of 9/11 Truth: 1) Proselytize, and 2) Get a truly independent re-investigation into 9/11. Amazingly enough, they have accomplished both those goals, since people are sick & tired of hearing about WTC #7, and because they’ve already had a re-investigation, which was the American Scholars Symposium that was held years ago.

      If you want some insight as to why the Truthers are disingenuous, learn what happened to Charlie Veitch when he changed his mind about 9/11 being an inside job, and be sure to also read my Carousel of Carnivores article.

      • Truth Demands Change says:

        I have read many of your articles including carnival of distractions when I wasn’t signed into wordpress. Listened to a couple of your radio shows as well. I pretty much already know most of what I read, but also learned new things along the way. 🙂 I hope at some point to talk to you about some conflicts in some of my views and why they may be wrong. I’m the type who likes to throw things at my systems of beliefs to challenge them, even if it is so called offensive to my existing beliefs. Keeps me learning and growing! lol

        My gut told me things about AJ and other so called truthers, maybe I am a cynic. But something kept knawing at me that they were giving out 90 percent of the truth, but leaving out or obscurring the other 10 percent on purpose to accomplish some other agenda. I have seen, and been guilty myself of being a kool aid drinker because “This guy speaks truth!”. But I began to question everything. All truth is out there, it’s just fragmented. I no longer listen to just one source, but check out many. 🙂 I’ll reply to the other comment when I get off of work. 🙂

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