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How Libertarians See Government

Perhaps today’s meme clears up some misconceptions (original artwork by David Dees). Advertisements

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Statist Fallacies

I decided it was high time to point out the logical fallacies inherent to statism, so I copied the format TheMessianicManic did for his vlog entitled, “Top Ten Most Irritating (Informal) Logical Fallacies.” Each item for today’s list gives the … Continue reading

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The State v. You

Today’s meme highlights not only the false dichotomy of the left-right paradigm, but also the implies the self-evident nastiness observable within the anatomy of the State (original artwork by David Dees).

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Quote of the Week – Agorism & the NAP

“A libertarian is someone who believes in the non-aggression principle. An anarchist is someone who understands it. An agorist is someone who practices it.” — Mike Zentz

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Denis Diderot on Religion

Today’s meme is attributed posthumously to French philosopher Denis Diderot.

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