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Is Ron Paul Emmanuel Goldstein?

Many times we are presented with Messianic figures who promise us salvation from the hands of the Establishment. Their job is to sucker political dissidents into believing that reformism still holds the answer to their several multifaceted grievances. Only the … Continue reading

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Peace Kills

The warfare state is emblematic of the corporatism that America finds herself embroiled in. What happens when politicians, instead of statesmen, make coercively binding political decisions on matters of war and diplomacy ? It’s called “foreign policy,” complete with all … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Intelligence

“The serious work of intelligence requires intelligence.” – SleepySalsa The Last Bastille Blog

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Adam Kokesh Gets Arrested…Yet Again

We truly live in a society of the spectacle. Too much emphasis is placed on how noticeable you are, instead of what you do. Unfortunately, it has become the norm for liberty activists to seek as much publicity as possible, … Continue reading

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Assault “Legally” Defined

The following definitions for “assault” are taken from Ballantine’s Law Dictionary (3rd edition), Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (6th edition), Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd edition), and Webster’s Dictionary (1828):     (Ballantine’s) A demonstration of an unlawful intent by one person to … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Suffragettes & the “Civil Rights” Movement

If you haven’t yet read “Voting Does Not Work” and “Unregistering from the Voter Rolls,” please do so before continuing. This article is, more or less, the concluding installment to my series about voting.     It has never been … Continue reading

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Should You Write a Letter to the Editor?

Many activists over the years have suggested to their respective audiences that one of the things they can do to be “engaged” and “active” in the political arena is to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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