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Hungry for Peace?

One of the reasons I’m a staunch opponent of reformist techniques is because they inevitably increase your opportunity costs. To paraphrase Larken Rose, most “activism” does less than no good because it usually tends to actually feed the beast that … Continue reading

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Little Free Library – An Upscale Freestore Photo Essay

About two weeks ago, I noticed something pleasantly unusual while I was out for a run. Tucked away in a corner of a subdivision was what initially appeared to me from a distance as an unusually large bird stand, pictured … Continue reading

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Against Intellectual Property?

Exercising the liberty of the press and free speech requires the use of a communications medium, whether that be in a written, audio, or visual format. In order to present verifiably sourced information, any media’s bibliography necessarily encompasses works made … Continue reading

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How to Question an Aspiring Politician

[Download a PDF of this article] If you haven’t yet read the transcript and debrief report of my “confrontation” with Judge Matthew Monforton, please do so before continuing. This article is, more or less, the concluding installment to my trilogy … Continue reading

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After-Action (Debrief) Report on the Judge Monforton “Confrontation”

Opportunities to directly challenge the Establishment exist, if you know where to look. Of course, it should not be ignored that doing so cedes at least some of your individual privacy, but if you are willing to accept the necessary … Continue reading

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Partial Transcript of the Judge Monforton “Confrontation”

The following is a partial transcript of a series of questions I was able to ask Judge Matthew Monforton on August 5th of 2014. This “confrontation” is available as a free downloadable podcast, courtesy of The Montana Republic (the clarifying … Continue reading

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How to Roleplay a Police Interrogation

[Download a PDF of this article] As the cancer of Big Government exponentially increases, so too does the frequency of direct contact with its employees. Whether that contact occurs in the form of a traffic stop, an airport security checkpoint, … Continue reading

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