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The State’s Knife

Please keep in mind that I am not a poet; I’m simply trying to expand my horizons. As with my first haiku, I appreciate any and all constructive criticism.     Freedom, freedom, oh sweet freedom Missing from my sight, … Continue reading

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The South Was Right?

Revisionist history is always a problem. Regardless of the end you claim to want to manifest, there is the omnipresent danger that the Truth suffers injury as an innocent bystander by the contending parties during an infowar. Filling in the … Continue reading

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Writing Your Congressman Does Not Work

7/15/15 UPDATE: This article has been substantially changed since its original publication three years ago. Grammar has been heavily edited for clarity, and the material that has been added, if anything, only reinforces the proposed hypothesis.  [Download a PDF of … Continue reading

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Who Are the Terrorists?

Thanks to the complicit mainstream media, there is deliberately infused confusion about what terrorism actually is. Even Dr. Jeffrey Record’s study of the so-called “War on Terror” admitted the malleability of the concept. This irregular method of warfare suffers from … Continue reading

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Evil In Itself, or Just Forbidden?

What was once permissible, is now forbidden. What was first allowed, is now punishable. What was initially tolerated, is now a crime against the State. This is what happens when the conception of what is illegal is confused with what … Continue reading

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Another “Neo-Nazi” Shooting?

Whenever there is an alleged connection between American militia units and domestic National Socialists, my bullshit detector goes through the roof. The corporate whore mainstream media loves to demonize those individuals and groups who seek to secure their Liberties. Race … Continue reading

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Death by Winter (Haiku)

Please keep in mind that this is my very first haiku ever. With that said, I appreciate any and all constructive criticism.     Drifting winds seek all Take me not from this good world To the final cold

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The Last Bastille Podcast #52 – Communism

This week’s episode will be about Communism. The live stream will begin on Saturday, May 5th @ 8pm EST (7pm CST). If you prefer to listen to it after the live broadcast, YHTOM will render it into a free downloadable … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Prejudice

“It is irresponsible to let the prejudices of a few color the nature of a problem.” – SleepySalsa The Last Bastille Blog

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