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A Primer on State Citizenship

[Download a PDF of this article] One of the nasty side effects of a sensationalistic news cycle is subtly encouraging the victim mentality, whereby absent the rationality necessary to analyze tyranny and brainstorm how to defeat it, the misinformation spouted … Continue reading

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Gary Hunt’s Revocation of Power of Attorney

Today’s document (released with permission) is Gary Hunt’s Revocation of Power of Attorney. For more background on this, listen to the two podcasts on state citizenship, and also be sure to read my State Citizenship Casebook. [Click the picture to … Continue reading

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The Bridges Of Old Mexico

Apparently, a pseudonymous individual has rewritten the lyrics to Merle Haggard’s The Seashores of Old Mexico, in response to the deteriorating situation on the southern United States border.       We left, out of Dallas, with critical choke points … Continue reading

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State Citizenship Casebook

At long last, here is my casebook on state citizenship.     [Download PDF]

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Attorney “Legally” Defined

The following definitions for “attorney” are taken from Ballantine’s Law Dictionary (3rd edition), Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (6th edition), Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd edition), and Webster’s Dictionary (1828):     (Ballantine’s) ATTORNEY An attorney at law or an attorney in fact. … Continue reading

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Statist “Logic”

Today’s meme, created by Lawless Press, illustates exactly why I unregistered from the voter rolls and don’t vote anymore.      

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With all of the legitimate grievances the American people have against the federal government, it is difficult to imagine that perhaps some of them wouldn’t be advocating for the collective exercise of their right of revolution. The cradle-to-grave dictates from … Continue reading

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