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Constitutional Chinese Food Buffet

Here is another meme I’ve created, thanks to QuickMeme.  

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Driving Like Crazy

Throughout my life, cars have been more aggravating to me rather than liberating. Either something breaks down, someone just nearly sideswiped me, or the compulsory insurance policy needs to be renewed. Unfortunately, much like central banking, Americans are currently stuck … Continue reading

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Mortenson v. Snook (CoS-CLC Unanswered Indictment #130201)

The following is the officially released unanswered indictment from the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court in the matter of Chris Mortenson v. Ed Snook. On July 22nd of 2013, the Grand Jury found probable cause on 10 counts … Continue reading

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Invading Libya & Gun Control

Here is a meme I’ve created, thanks to QuickMeme.  

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Quote of the Week – The Jedi Code

There is no Emotion; there is Peace. There is no Ignorance; there is Knowledge. There is no Passion; there is Serenity. There is no Chaos; there is Harmony. There is no Death; there is the Force. – Temple of the … Continue reading

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Signs You May Be Addicted to a Patriot Rockstar

There have been people I’ve talked to over the years who seem to exhibit traits indicative of a blind adherence to the hollow rhetoric emanating from the Patriot Rockstars. Such a devoted following to these creatures deserves to be scrutinized … Continue reading

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Senator John Cornyn’s Response to the Under One Banner Petition

Here is the response I received from US Senator John Cornyn after I had sent him the Under One Banner petition (specifically, this version). Either he does not understand the difference between a letter and a petition, or his legislative … Continue reading

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