The Last Bastille Blog is about discovering how to secure the liberties of the posterity who are identified in both the Preamble to the United States Constitution of 1787 and the Texas Declaration of Independence of 1836; more importantly, it is also about learning how to live freedom in one’s own life, if for no other reason than to remind those who struggle for liberty that freedom is also meant to be lived. To that end, it is believed that the grand strategy presented in The Plan for the Restoration of Constitutional Government shows the best chance anyone has in enjoying any real liberty in their lifetime.

The Last Bastille Podcast is currently hosted at Radio4All. Please also take the time to listen at the older episodes hosted over @ BlogTalkRadio.

Kyle Rearden

Southern Agorist - Gadsden Variant(Thormitersaw)

Kyle is a blogger, podcaster, and videographer. He uses these alternative media communication mediums in his study of a wide variety of subjects. Besides acting as the primary contributor to theĀ The Last Bastille Blog, Kyle also co-hosts theĀ Behind Enemy Lines podcast with Gary Hunt. Feel free to send Kyle email [PGP Public Key].

From 2009 – 2012, his former YouTube Channel amassed over 127,000 total upload views with 150+ videos (some of which have since been mirrored by his various supporters and now is only available through sneakernet), including his two documentary films:


The Unofficial Dummies’ Guide to the Militia

Jamming Culture: Creating Guerrilla Media


Justus Ranvier


Justus Ranvier is a blogger, engineer, and crypto-anarchist. Feel free to send him email provided it is something constructive [PGP Public Key]; you can also find him on Google+ as well as on Freenet.


The Voice of Truth


The Voice of Truth is a blogger, videographer, and all-around InfoWarrior. You can find him over at TVOT.


The Stanglx


Stang is a blogger, survivalist, and graphic designer. You can find him over at Wild Man Stan.

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