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Declaration of Independence

Every once in a blue moon, history surprises you with something so absurdly wonderful that is surpasses even the most wild of expectations. Bucking all the normal historical trends and choosing a better alternative is never heard of, either because … Continue reading

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Altoids Tin Waterproofing Experiment

I have heard claims that it was possible to waterproof an Altoids tin, a type of container that is commonly used within survivalist circles as a BOAT (Bug Out Altoid Tin) or alternatively referred to as a PSK (Personal Survival … Continue reading

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American Scripture

History becomes malleable through cultural mythology. By distorting the original words of the dead, those living weave tall tales about the intentions that motivated such historical figures to action in the first place. The major flaw of historical revisionism (even … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Gun Control

“Civilized folk go armed to say, ‘I’m self-sufficient; I’ll never burden others — If you need my help, I’m ready.’ You’re good at taking care of yourself — why can’t you allow others the same right? No State controls those … Continue reading

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Brave New World

Is it possible to never feel genuine emotion? Would it be terrible to always remain in a hazy, tranquil state? What if you were provided with the means to permanently avoid pain? If so, would the cost of losing your … Continue reading

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How to Write an Audio Timeline

Citing sources is fundamentally critical to intellectual honesty. Over the years, I have seen many within the alternative media claim that so-and-so said something-or-another, without providing evidence of what actually happened. The trickiest sources to cite are those that, instead … Continue reading

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Fahrenheit 451

The most important conversations I have with other political dissidents usually revolve around the theme that people don’t read anymore, which by extension also means that they don’t think either. Over and over again, we bear witness to the utter … Continue reading

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