Words that appear to be in English, but are defined and used very differently than in everyday life, are typically known as legalese; that is, the language of the law. These words are so specialized in their meaning that entirely separate dictionaries are written just so the bar attorneys can use them against you. Below is a collection of what are probably some of the more useful words to you. The following legal definitions are taken from Ballantine’s Law Dictionary (3rd edition), Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (6th edition), Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd edition), and just so you can have an understanding on the meanings of the words as the Founders would probably have understood them vernacularly, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary



Acquiescence “Legally” Defined

Admiralty “Legally” Defined

Adhesion Contract “Legally” Defined

Anarchy “Legally” Defined (please also read The Etymology of the Word, “Anarchy”)

Application “Legally” Defined

Arms “Legally” Defined

Assault “Legally” Defined

Attorney “Legally” Defined

Breach “Legally” Defined

Capitis Dimunitio “Legally” Defined

Citizen “Legally” Defined

Citizenship “Legally” Defined

Coercion “Legally” Defined

Common Law “Legally” Defined

Consent “Legally” Defined

Contempt “Legally” Defined

Contract “Legally” Defined

Conspiracy “Legally” Defined

Constitution “Legally” Defined

Corporation “Legally” Defined

Court “Legally” Defined

Defamation “Legally” Defined

Denizen “Legally” Defined

Discussion “Legally” Defined

Due Process “Legally” Defined

Embezzlement “Legally” Defined

Emolument “Legally” Defined

Enemy “Legally” Defined

Entrapment “Legally” Defined

Estoppel “Legally” Defined

Esquire “Legally” Defined

Exaction “Legally” Defined

Extortion “Legally” Defined

Forfeiture “Legally” Defined

Fraud “Legally” Defined

Freeman “Legally” Defined

Govern(ed) “Legally” Defined

Government “Legally” Defined

Habeas Corpus “Legally” Defined

Honor “Legally” Defined

Incitement “Legally” Defined

Infringement “Legally” Defined

Intimidation “Legally” Defined

Invasion “Legally” Defined

Law “Legally” Defined

Lawful “Legally” Defined

Legal “Legally” Defined

Libel “Legally” Defined

License “Legally” Defined

Litigation “Legally” Defined

Militia “Legally” Defined

Must “Legally” Defined

Negotiation “Legally” Defined

Nisi Prius “Legally” Defined

Oath “Legally” Defined

Officer “Legally” Defined

Organic Law “Legally” Defined

Peace “Legally” Defined

Permit “Legally” Defined

Person “Legally” Defined

Petition “Legally” Defined

Privilege “Legally” Defined

Progress “Legally” Defined

Property “Legally” Defined

Protest “Legally” Defined

Public “Legally” Defined

Rebellion “Legally” Defined

Registration “Legally” Defined

Residence “Legally” Defined

Remedy “Legally” Defined

Ruler “Legally” Defined

Sedition “Legally” Defined

Slander “Legally” Defined

Slave “Legally” Defined

Society “Legally” Defined

Sovereign “Legally” Defined

Sovereignty “Legally” Defined

State “Legally” Defined

Statute “Legally” Defined

Sui Juris “Legally” Defined

Submission “Legally” Defined

Suspend “Legally” Defined

Taxation “Legally” Defined

Threat “Legally” Defined

Trespass “Legally” Defined

Tyranny “Legally” Defined

United States “Legally” Defined

Violence “Legally” Defined

Writ “Legally” Defined

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