My Voter Registration Cancellation Documents

The following are legal documents that prove that it is possible to explicitly request the State of Texas to remove yourself from the voter rolls. After I had published,Unregistering From the Voter Rolls,I had a nagging itch that perhaps I was incorrect about my own personal situation regarding tacit acquiescence. On a pure hunch, I contacted the county voter registrar from where I used to live (as opposed to where I live now), and discovered that not only was I still registered, but that I had been put on the “suspense list.” Needless to say, I wasn’t going to wait around until they automatically purged me, so I chose to take the explicit request route and get off the voter rolls quickly. For background information on the context behind these redacted documents (such as why I don’t vote anymore), please read, Voting Does Not Work.”



Voter Registration Cancellation Request –  [Download PDF]

Voter Registar’s Written Notice of Cancellation –  [Download PDF]

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