Quote of the Week – Producers & Parasites

“There is one fact that is absolutely essential to developing a libertarian strategy in understanding what we, as consistent libertarians, pure types, are fighting for, and that is this…there are producers and parasites in our society…and the fact is that the producers, in some sense, must always outnumber the parasites, or the parasites kills the host and all dies. Therefore, the producers have a vested interest in what we’re doing. Almost nobody, that Bob Poole talks about, those bureaucrats, those institutionalists, those think-tankers, are producers. They are parasites, and I, for one, have no desire to waste large and inordinate amounts of money to convince the parasites on how to trim their operation. In the end, we are fighting for the producers. We are fighting for those grey downtrodden, who are not yuppies, who are not bureaucrats, who are not civil servants, who do not think of themselves as some part of some amorphous whatever, and in fact feel that they are being pushed around, kicked around, and taxed to death, and seeing their businesses destroyed by the State. That is what I am fighting for, taxation is theft to these people, the draft is slavery to these people, and in fact when push comes to shove, when they get enlightened, they are going to go for radical solutions, and not sit around and talk about 1% cut this year, sales tax or whatever. And that, I think, is where we disagree.”


–  Samuel Edward Konkin III

What is a Libertarian? at Dagny’s Freedom Festival in Los Angeles, CA (1985)

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