Controlled Opposition

During a war, two sides oppose each other, each seeking victory over the other. Conventional warfare dictates formally organized bodies of soldiers, cavalry, and artillery pitted against each other. Various forms of unconventional warfare, such as psychological warfare, contain techniques that are used to undermine the other side from inside their own ranks. It is not enough for the Establishment to target, harass, and imprison large segments of whom they consider to be the enemy domestic population; they must also destroy us from within.

Controlled opposition denotes those individuals, organizations, and ideologies that claim to be fundamentally opposed to the ruling powers, but in reality they work for the very same slavemaster they pretend to oppose. Their façade is simultaneously their best protection and their greatest weakness; the supposed credibility they possess over the ignorant and the easily swayed is nothing more than illusory, for without it, they are utterly powerless. Once proven to be inimical, they must be publicly exposed for being enemy forces in disguise, and therefore treated as such.

The secret police of the United States is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As Lee Adams states, “The FBI is not just a police agency. It is a security service. There are important differences between police agencies and security services. Every government has a security service. The mission of a security service is to suppress anti-government activity. This means that most governments see their own population as the most serious threat. It is a self-evident truth that the nastier the government, the nastier its security service. Referring to a security service as The Thought Police is not too far from the truth. The FBI understandably does not have a history of respect for civil rights in its capacity as a security service. The FBI’s record of unconstitutional and illegal actions against American citizens is readily available to anyone who takes the trouble to investigate.”

The FBI, ATF, DEA, and the rest of the assorted alphabet soup boys have been known to use a combination of undercover operatives, agent provocateurs, and even civilian informants in order to “bust” activist groups. The idea here is to scare and confuse political dissidents from ever actually organizing in order to resist tyranny in any real effective way. Such behavior from these law enforcement “officials” is worthy of the Stasi or the Russian commissars, not those who are supposed to be upholding the rule of law.

Organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) do not fit the working definition of controlled opposition, since they never at any point claimed to be on the side of political dissidents. In fact, it’s now common knowledge that the SPLC has close-knit meetings with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the same gaggle of crooks who brought us those lovely training videos whose predictive programming elements suggest that Americans are the “terrorists” in question. These enemy organizations have openly stated they are targeting segments of the domestic population and have never pretended to stand against corruption; therefore, they can’t ever be considered as controlled opposition.

Subversion is perhaps the most important technique that controlled opposition will use to further their mission in dismantling genuine dissension. The rank and file of the Tea Parties were quickly shifted away from libertarianism into the not-so-loving hands of the Republican Party, thanks to duplicitous figureheads such as Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck. Occupy Wall Street perverted the initial disgust with corporatist banksters towards an indescribably bizarre conglomeration of communists, Rastafarian socialists, and hippies. Perhaps the best proof of how both the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers became controlled opposition (and attempted to suck people back into The Left-Right Paradigm) is how quickly and powerfully constitutional Patriots, propertarian anarchists, and minarchist libertarians were completely shut out.

Don’t be mistaken…useful idiots ARE NOT the same as controlled opposition; the former is mainly composed of those who could be described as “guess what I know” types. These are the folks who will moronically remain steadfast to their own preconceived misconceptions, all the while unwittingly assisting the enemy. Their main feature is their gross incompetence, so much so that they have been commonly mistaken for controlled opposition (although it is not at all uncommon for such useful idiots to follow the actual controlled opposition as their own leaders). They would certainly not qualify as good-quality personnel if they were properly vetted.

Disproving a weak ideology is neither that hard nor that important in the aggregate; what is important is discerning which individuals and organizations are genuine and which are fraudulent. Too many well-intentioned dissidents argue over philosophical differences but neglect to measure the actions of various individuals and organizations respective to the attempts they make to manifest the ends that they so desire. Insufficient or non-existent vetting allows those who seek to harm the grassroots an open door with which to exploit at their leisure.

Back in 1995, the “patriot” media claimed that the Murrah building bombing was a tragedy. I find it disconcerting how the “militia” rhetoric went from outright ballsy to towing the government line as soon as the building was attacked. It was almost as if the alternative media figureheads at that time were attempting to backpedal and find every excuse in the book to not act. Fast forward several years, and the Internet talking heads are still spewing that OKC was a false flag operation (as if that assertion were holy Gospel sent down from on high), conveniently neglecting those aspects of the event that don’t fit into their bias and therefore suggest a truly alternative explanation. It’s almost as if the claim of something being a false flag operation has been subjected to the sin of misplaced emphasis by applying it to every damned political scenario.

It is certainly not a stretch to assume that in the relatively near future, some controlled opposition will blame the actual Patriot guerrillas (who would be engaging enemy forces in active operations on the streets) as “false flag” patsies. If you don’t believe me, just look at the rhetoric being spewed now from the Patriot Rockstars about how anyone who even “advocates for violence” is automatically to be considered by the rank and file as agent provocateurs. I think this proves the willingness of such figureheads to sell out the real good guys to the Establishment later on down the road.

The worst feeling you get from the wreckage left in the wake of controlled opposition’s path is that of betrayal. Here you have people who claimed they were against the Establishment, who claimed they wanted to secure their Liberties, who claimed they were grassroots; and all that came of it was more internal balkanization, this time purposefully done with malicious intent. They are also the same ones who have infiltrated the alternative media and kicked out the actual grassroots activists who had been operating quite nicely until these serpents came around. These snakes need to be rooted out before they can cause more harm to those innocents who simply desired to do something good by resisting tyranny.

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