Mainstream Media

Hegemonic control over the dissemination of information is just plain cruel. By artificially limiting what is known about reality, tyranny of the highest order is the only eventual outcome. The worst crime by the Establishment is that of prohibiting us from ever knowing the nature of the situation that we are all suffering under.

The mainstream media is composed of the Big Six, that is, the six corporations who formed an oligopoly over the common distribution of news. They are Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, and NBC Universal. Such media convergence testifies to the lack of competition in the communications and entertainment industries, which are supposed to be subject to free market principles.

It would only stand to reason that a government-protected oligopoly would only care to serve the special interests that fund them. Running stories critical of the military-industrial complex would run counter to General Electric’s contracts with the Pentagon. Reports on the malfeasance of Goldman-Sachs would not sit well at all with stockholders. Whistleblowing Monsanto’s genetically engineered Frankenfoods infecting non-GMO crops has been considered beyond the pail for the respective corporate executives.

Mainstream media (MSM) reporters are less than professional across the board. Just about any report fails to address the Five Ws that must be answered if a story is to be objectively considered news; Who, What, Why, Where, and When? There is also a strong tendency for anchors to have poor grammar and use improper syntax that can be noticed if you listen critically, instead of passively. Adding insult to injury, it is common practice for them to run “fluff” stories and celebrity gossip instead of actual news.

The MSM possesses a history of deceiving, inveigling, and obfuscating the American populace. Ron Paul was censored back in 2008, and during this current 2012 presidential electoral cycle, his supporters have been beaten and arrested by the police at the orders of the GOP. What the MSM would have you believe is that Dr. Paul is completely unelectable, which is a bald-faced lie. Of course, this is the very same MSM that makes it a point that anyone who represents press that are not part of their oligopoly to be denied access to press conferences (or at least harassed), as what happened to both Lewis Beam and Gary Hunt during the Waco Seige.

Never forget that this is the very same MSM that uses compartamentalization, incrementalization, and balkanization to deliberately confuse their audiences. Through fracturing data over a long span of time (all the while fomenting discord within the population), the MSM literally profits from the unending chaos they incite on a regular basis. Combine this with the repeater effect, and you have one hell of a clusterfuck.

This media cartel that passes itself of as legitimate press is phonier than a two-dollar bill. “Infotainment” as a portmanteau was coined to highlight the inherent distractive nature of the Big Six; just look at what’s covered pretty much every episode of Good Morning America or The O’Reilly Factor. Celebrities perpetually “recovering” from their addictions, demonically dressed rockers, and your cocktail variety “human interest” stories are nothing more than filler specifically designed to waste your time and fill your mind with completely useless trivia.

It is time to capitalize on the endangered corporate whore media. Their ratings are falling quite badly in general, since anyone with a brain realizes that they are not to be trusted anymore. Hopefully, by truly independent media outlets entering into the arena and competing successfully against CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and the rest of the media corporatists (who believe they have an monopoly on the truth), the discipline of journalism can actually be revived.

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