The Internet

Imagine, if you will, a decentralized network that is totally unregulated by the government. This very same infrastructure enables anyone to send and receive digital mail, browse multiple libraries worth of information, download data, exchange files, read regularly updated news, publish articles, participate in discussion forums, find other like-minded people, make voice calls, and watch uploaded videos, all for an affordable monthly access fee. The cumulative weight of this phenomenal invention weighs approximately 0.2 millionths of an ounce; it is none other than the Internet.



Digital information could be said to have been utilized the best in terms of securing our Liberties more than any other method currently available. It is the most effective way to circumvent the corporate oligopolistic mainstream media’s disinformation by hosting counter-propaganda and research materials. Pushing the alternative media into overdrive from the newsletter, talk radio, and fax days to blogs, podcasts, and especially streaming videos has enabled user generated content to essentially sell the message of Liberty, thus resulting in the very first American Renaissance.

Some would argue that the Internet is an instrument of tyranny that is designed to distract, monitor, and fundamentally prevent even the most dedicated dissidents from acting more effectively against the Establishment. While it is true that the Carnival of Distractions has overtaken our alternative media (thanks to both controlled opposition and the useful idiots who spew unsubstantiated rumor), there are disciplined investigative journalists and others whose original work is given a stable platform from which to spread virally. There is documented surveillance of the Web (especially via traffic analysis), but the invisible hand of the market has already provided many different tools with which to at least partially thwart the eyes of both private and public criminals. In terms of laziness or seemingly a lack of dedication, it is the responsibility of the individual as to what he is willing to do or not do; there is no need to wait or otherwise delay in acting until the Internet is either forcibly transitioned to an overly regulated “Internet 2” or an arbitrary Internet shutdown courtesy of the White House’s “kill switch.”

I think it is premature to write the Internet off. Though it is true that certain individuals and organizations can become overly dependent (or even addicted) to the Internet, as long as you understand the costs relative to the benefits, I think the Internet can be used in a variety of ways where it accentuates the overall capability to push the cause for Liberty forward (if you don’t believe me, just look at the 2008 and 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaigns; imagine if all that expertise was instead expended on Committees of Safety). As a videographer, I can personally attest that anyone believing in the claims of a documentary “because YouTube said so” is a cop-out, since everyone across the board is encouraged to fact-check everything asserted in an open-source film. Similarly, networking with like-minded individuals does not mean that forum discussion boards, email, or even VoIP calls are a confessional; INFOSEC is to be practiced at all times as a matter of habit, saving any pertinent details for face-to-face meetings.

The Internet is an invaluable tool if you know how to use it, which takes practice and experience. Never tolerate internal balkanization online and try to avoid getting sucked into any of it, if at all possible. Experience the Wild West attributes as much as possible, squeezing every bit of advantage that you can from it, and enjoy the laizze-faire atmosphere (if you are offended by something, nothing is preventing you from surfing somewhere else).

Since websites are taken down or discontinued, please keep in mind that the following links of websites I recommend visiting may not work at some point in the future. It is not uncommon for sites to simply change URLs; if that happens to be the case, just do a keyword search on your preferred search engine(s) using the name of the website. Remember too that the following list does not necessarily bear my seal of approval; the reason that I recommend you visit them is for the express purpose of understanding the vastness and true diversity that the Internet unequivocally provides for all of us.




The Internet Society

(These guys are all about not only keeping the Net open, but also expanding stable access into those areas where connections are either spotty and non-existent)


Living Internet

(The best history of the Net that I found on the Net)


Coalition of American Patriots (CAP)

(The Last Bastille Blog is a founding member, and I am a delegate to the Administrative Board of the Coalition; essentially, CAP is an anti-internal balkanization organization)


JB Campbell: Extremism Online

(JB Campbell claims to have started the militia movement when he published The New American Man: A Call to Arms. Listen to the interview he did when he was on January 12th, 2012 broadcast of Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris)



(These are the anarcho-capitalists who seek to starve the State by practicing counter-economics; that is, the practice of trading in the black and grey markets)


Spy & CounterSpy

(Good advice for how to perform counter-surveillance and otherwise protect your privacy offline)


Seeing Through the Fog

(Used to be a BlogTalkRadio series with Brad Moore and Randy Mack; better term than “waking up” and I have since adopted it to more accurately describe the same phenomena without all the false holier-than-thou pretensions)


Vin Suprynowicz

(Libertarian writer; intriguing food for thought)


The Constitution Society

(Jon Roland’s site; some interesting stuff here, even if it’s not all accurate)


You Have Tread on Me

(The best live stream Internet radio/podcast on the Net, in my not so humble opinion. Home of the Under One Banner petition, as well as the folks who were so kind as to host episodes #47 – 52 of The Last Bastille Podcast)


Outpost of Freedom [Blog]

(The best blog and archived research about the Patriot Community from the 1990s to its resurgence, in my not so humble opinion; also home to the You Have Tread on Me – Under One Banner petition)


Campaign for Liberty

(While I have made it adamantly clear how I do not support Ron Paul’s presidential various candidacies, I do support the work of C4L, which has done a lot to help people see through the fog of statism)


Institute for Justice [IJ]

(These fellas actually sue the government for its various forms of malfeasance. Their legal cases and concomitant research reports about civil asset forfeiture deserve your particular attention)


Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF]

(These guys are like the IJ equivalent in terms of digital privacy. They are a contemporary of EPIC)


Electronic Privacy Information Center [EPIC]

(A Big Brother watchdog organization. Be sure to visit their Privacy Tools page to see how to start reclaiming your digital privacy back)



(Unfortunately, their original website went down awhile ago, but this is Wikipedia page that contains some documents and links)


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

(If you want to see just exactly how people are demonized, see the Ten Most Wanted. Keep in mind while you’re using the site that they do record IP addys, since they are the secret police)


Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

(These are the jerks who constantly demonize anyone who cares about their Liberties)


Jeff Chan’s RKBA

(Some stuff about guns, and other such things)


The Lycaeum Forums

(Some stuff about the physiological effects of particular kinds of vegetation, and other such things)


International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL)

(Pamphleteers extraordinaire! Read over 50 of their pamphlets online)


Youkali (Utopian Island Paradise)

(Just one example of a libertarian fantasy world)


The Hodge-Podge Transformer

(Discordian portal)


Advocates for Self-Government

(These are the fellas who push the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. For even better quizzes, visit my Quizzes page)



(The best flash portal on the Net! The selection of flash cartoons and interactive games easily surpasses that of every other similar website)


Free State Project

(As much as I admire the spirit and pluckiness of Free Staters, I must admit that their self-admitted numbers of getting only slight above 1,000 people to New Hampshire when the target goal was 20,000 falls dramatically short. I think that JWR’s American Redoubt is the improvement upon the failures of the FSP)


Sons of Liberty: Brush-Fires of the Mind

(Jon Schaeffer’s site. Good hard rock/metal as an alternative to the Truther rap music so common in the Internet media)


Delta Press

(Their catalog is better than Borders Books )


Eden Press

(Their catalog is better than Half-Price Books)


Paladin Press

(Their catalog is better than Barnes & Noble)



(Their catalog used to be better than Delta, Eden, and Paladin Presses combined, but they’ve had some trouble in recent years. They’re still worth your time to browse)


Committees of Safety

(The number #1 site on the Net that explains this pivotal concept, which is integral to the effort to secure our Liberties. More and more in the Patriot Community are being taught about this neglected aspect of American history, as well as how to implement them today)


9/11 Essentials

(Intriguing aggregator of a bunch of shit from across the blogosphere. I was able to find a lot of the other things on this list through this site)



(If you are musically inclined, this website might help you self-educate into a profitable one)


Literotica [*Adults-only]

(The only really good site for erotica on the Net)


Tiny Nibbles [*Adults-only]

(Violet Blue’s blog. Her sex-positive tone is libertarian and very much appreciated, although I wonder how aware she is of the government’s eugenics policies)


Sex In Christ [*Adults-only]

(Is it real, or is it a parody? I have no idea, but it is thought-provoking at the very least that some Christians would sanction and even encourage menage a trois, masturbation, and butt sex)


Internet Archive

(A great repository of data, bar none)



(Another good repository of data; bookmark it)


Modern Drunkard Magazine

(Hilarious content that is all about drinking)


Special Operations Humour

(Military comedy that I haven’t seen anywhere else)


Never Get Busted!

(Barry Cooper’s site. Former cop turned avid pothead teaches people law enforcement’s tricks of the trade)


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

(Cops who want to repeal drug prohibition; a good cause if I’ve ever seen one)


Conspiracy Cards

(Wonderful Canadian fellow. Either buy his cards or make your own)


Republic of the united States of America

(These guys made it onto the SPLC hit lists, but there have been others in the Patriot Community that claim these guys don’t know what they are doing; you figure it out for yourself)


National Center for Constitutional Studies

(NCCS publishes some good books on the Founders, but a portion of the content mimics some Christian Identity bullshit)



(Absolutely fantastic Patriot rock band who predate Jon Schaeffer. These guys were active in the ’90s and still recording albums currently. I even made a fan tribute music video of their song, “Rather Die Than Be Your Slave” that Paul gave me his blessing on)


God Rewards the Fearless

(Patriot web-series about the Resistance after the economic collapse)



(Home of Anonymous)


Ben Lowery

(Freeman-on-the-Land Brit turned voluntaryist)


Larken Rose

(Libertarian who has been constantly harassed by the IRS; this is also the same guy who wrote “When Should You Shoot a Cop“)


Free Talk Live

(Libertarian radio network up in New Hampshire as part of the FSP)


Evil Bible

(Great site that documents the atrocities that this particularly “holy book” sanctions and even encourages; you’ll never see “sacred Scripture” the same way again!)


Modern Deism

(After you’ve ditched your Bible, this a starting point with how to rethink the way you think about God)


Positive Deism

(Wanna be like the Founders? Maybe you should study Deism)


World Union of Deists

(Demonstrates you don’t need no stinkin’ clergy to tell you how to relate to God)


God is Imaginary

(For Deists and others who want to explore Atheism)


Hanna Werdmuller

(Folk musician; listen particularly to the “Pre-Apocalytpic Love Song”)


Lysander Spooner 

(Constitutionalist lawyer turned anarchist)


Voltairine de Cleyre

(Verbose writings of an anarchist-without-adjectives)

(Probably the best starting point for learning about anarchism; be sure to take a look at their symbols)


The Voluntaryist

(Many articles from the individualist anarchism school)


The Molinari Institute

(Think-tank that promotes market anarchy)


Alliance of the Libertarian Left

(Conglomeration of anarcho-capitalist and agorist organizations)


Voluntary Society

(Great website on voluntaryism as well as some good suggestions on methodology)


V for Voluntary

(Another good website on propertarian anarchism; home of the V for Voluntary shield)



(More of a portal to the other propertarian sites)


Ludwig von Mises Institute

(Home of the Austrian school of economics; the founder of the Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell, is an openly admitted anarcho-capitalist. When Philo thought that the Mises Institute was controlled opposition on episode #40 of The Last Bastille Podcast, this is the organization to whom he was referring)


Econ Stories

(These were the fellas that had the wonderful rap battles between “Keynes” and “Hayek”)


Foundation for Economic Education

(These guys usually push Mises literature; they also publish The Freeman)


Learn Liberty

(Fascinating site that is intended to be a crash course that combines video instruction with interactive quizzes)


Are You Libertarian?

(Collection of political orientation quizzes)



(Best brief explanation of libertarianism to date)


Ayn Rand Institute

(Objectivist cadre)


The Atlas Society

(Another Objectivist cadre; I will admit it is sad to see the neo-Objectivists acting just like neo-cons when they supported the imperialistic wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq)


Despair, Inc.

(Humorously negative insights)


Anarchy in Your Head

(My favorite webcomic, by far. Be sure to look at the “Top Ten Causes of Minarchism” series)


Liberty Activism Repository

(Download everything thing from liberty-themed books, audiobooks, journals, pamphlets, flyers, and more!)



(Another good webcomic, albeit more of a religiously themed one)


Don’t Track Us

(Another good basic starting point for people to see the options they have for digital privacy)


How to Vanish

(Decent site for the very basics of both online and offline privacy)


Free Software Foundation

(These are the guys who push for open-source freeware; they are just as integral to the cause for the Liberty as the Internet itself is)


Creative Commons 

(Uniquely innovate compromise with US copyright statutes. If you’ve ever noticed, those who are anti-copyright use Creative Commons “licenses” on their websites, such as the Liberty Activism Repository, Hackbloc, and of course, The Last Bastille Blog)



(Crypto-anarchy freeware hacktivists; check out their Resources and Tools page)


Hack This Site!

(The king of all hacktivist sites; they even train “normal” activists in socially responsible hacking!)



(Great privacy friendly search engine; Dr. Katherine Albrecht is their media contact)



(My favorite search engine; the founder has written for The Daily Anarchist)


The Ruckus Society

(Activists who publish great manuals on direct action)


Invisible Molotov

(Anarcho-capitalist blog that archives old anarchist pamphlets and booklets)



(The proverbial rumour mill; part of me thinks this is the primary source for most of the bullshit that the Patriot Rockstars come up with)


Operation Sleeping Giant

(A project by the Oathkeepers; more aggressive than simply refusing to follow unlawful orders, but it is no Plan for the Restoration of Constitutional Government)


Foundation for a Free Society

(Agorist site; complimentary to


Zine Library

(Archived anarchist matertials)


Cato Institute

(Libertarian think-tank)


Even Hand: A Contract for Government

(Unique minarchist idea about improving the federal Constitution post-victory according to Aristotelian principles)


Texans for Accountable Government

(TAG is a local Austin, TX watchdog group that is both constitutionalist and agorist friendly)


Spunk Library

(Another anarchist online depository)


Association of Libertarian Feminists

(Unique feminist organization that is simultaneously anti-statist)


The Zeitgeist Movement

(I included TZM more as an object lesson of what the Internet can enable and yet what should NOT be done)


The Venus Project

(Just like TZM, TVP’s designs of futuristic flying donut cities is nothing really more than Marxism with robots)



(Yet again another location of anarchist literature)

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