Carnival of Distractions

Seeing through the fog is easier said than done. While the alternative media has done a Herculean job of highlighting phenomena that would never have seen the light of day, not everything that comes down the pike is accurate. Conjecture and speculation color the raw data to such a degree that any real objective analysis is hampered by those who screech their unfounded beliefs the loudest. The result of such malfeasance emanating from the dredges of the alternative media is the Carnival of Distractions.



Misinformation and disinformation are two different sides of the same coin. Both involve the dissemination of false information, although the intentions are dissimilar; the former is characterized by being unintentional (and thus typical of useful idiots) whereas the latter is deliberate (thereby being evocative of controlled opposition). Unfortunately, this is not limited to the oligopolized media alone.

Consider, for a moment, the flame-throwing tank at Waco. Linda Thompson‘s “Waco: The Big Lie” documentary claimed that there was one used against the Branch-Davidians. It took fact checking and some Vietnam veterans to determine that since there was no black carbonic smoke or dripping naphtha, the probability of that tank using a flame-thrower was nil. Even that combined with other holes in the story did not immediately break the back of what quickly became part of Patriot Mythology, since such a claim was sexy enough to sensationalize what was already a dramatic tragedy. I ask you to what purpose would such a tall tale serve?

It breaks my heart to see well-intentioned dissidents trying to articulate exactly what their grievances are and failing miserably. Public schools aren’t exactly a bastion of intellectual freedom, so it’s not as if those government agents erroneously referred to as teachers would educate the hapless children in something as basic as differentiating between cogent and fallacious reasoning (much less anything on the order of decoding statist propaganda). When some of those former public school students grow up to be political dissidents, it’s not surprising they have significant hardship discerning between hasty conclusions and deductively valid arguments.

I find it disconcerting that with the plethora of very real problems to be dealt with, most dissidents seem more than happy to just whine, bitch, and complain about potential problems instead of trying to tackle the ones that continue to harm everyone. Though it is necessary to maintain foresight, no one should allow their anticipation of future troubles to cloud the importance of at least mitigating rampant corruption. As a fun litmus test, ask any ex-convict whether he is more worried about being sent back to prison or being rounded up to be placed into a FEMA camp.

Accepting anything at face value because a Patriot Rockstar said so, is to completely surrender the responsibility that every individual possesses to evaluate objective reality on his own. Relying upon reason and evidence is the most important tool each one of us has in resisting the tyranny of illusion. Rationally determining for yourself what is and is not true is the key towards dismantling the Carnival of Distractions that currently inhabits the alternative media. It is imperative upon every single dissident to study and apply the principles of logic and rhetoric to their own various efforts, for without rational thought, their attempts to assist the mainline public (and even those within their own ranks) to see through the fog will be rendered null and void.

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